Integrating the Demo E-Shop with your Exponea Project

To integrate the demo e-shop with your Exponea project, you need to enter your specific project tokens into the integration settings. These settings can be accessed by selecting the settings icon found at the top right of the site and clicking on 'Exponea Integration Settings'.

The default values are set to a demo project which allow for full functionality of the website, but tracking will only be recorded for that specific project.

Project Token

The project token is used to send information from the Exponea Demo E-Shop to the specified project.

Identifying your Project Token

1. Your project token can be found in the Exponea app under Project Settings.

2. The General Settings tab contains the project token.

Private & Public Tokens

Public access token is used for frontend access. This method is used by our SDKs. Public token is used mainly for tracking and can be found in tracking code. Public token is used in a token authentication.

The intention behind private token is to create public/private token pair and generate Authorization header for every API request. In this manner you are using basic auth method for authentication, where public token is username and private key is password. It is preferred to use public/private token combination compared to only public token, when you are doing integration between Exponea and your systems. Private token is used in basic authentication.

You need to generate a new key to obtain your public and private keys. This can be done by navigating to API Settings from Project Settings.

Setting up Private & Public Tokens

1. In the Exponea App go to Project Settings -> API Settings

2.Click Add Key

3.Enter a key name to identify the newly generated key.

4.Click Create.

Tracking API Endpoint

The default value for the endpoint should be used in most circumstances. This is given by the following:



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